SEO experts on marketing

Some very interesting views on SEO and marketing in this infographic.

One of the insights provided by SEO experts on marketing  emphasizes the growing realization that various channels have an impact on SEO – which includes social media channels that can have a real impact on search engine ranking over time. Another factor that is growing in importance is mobile marketing and SEO. Google’s latest announcement that mobile friendly sites will be taken into account in rankings is an important development that needs to be watched.

Content is central

As many of the  marketing experts here state, good content that is directed to your target audience is a central facet in search engine optimization and marketing. People search for what interests them and what they want and need to know – and this is where well-written and  directed  content plays a vital role in website marketing.

9 SEO Experts on the Future of Marketing #infographic - An Infographic from Pardot

Embedded from Pardot

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