Intro to SEO

There is an increasing need to focus on search engine optimization as an essential marketing process for any website.

There are over 4 billion, yes billion, Google searches every day and that does not include other search engines like Bing. This means that it has becoming more and more difficult to get your website seen or visible.

This is where SEO comes into play. As the infographic below clearly outlines, SEO is a set of technical and content requirements that the search engine stake into account when evaluating the position or ranking of a website. In other words,  the more you optimise your website for the search engines, the better your chances of being visible or seen – and the greater the possibility of  more propel visiting your site.

The following introduction to SEO provides some concise and useful info and WHY SEO is so important in the modern online marketing environment.

intro to seo
Article Name
intro to seo
Introduction to SEO

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