What is Good SEO?

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The question – what is good SEO – revolves around a number of issues.

Search engine optimization, in the first instance, refers to a set of interrelated techniques and procedures that are intended to ensure that a specific website or webpage features on the first two or three pages of Goggle and other search engines. In other words, the function of a SEO consultant is to ensure that aspects such as metatags and backlinks are attended to in order to give the website the best chance of ranking high on the search engines. This  is in itself is a complex and time consuming task which involves ensuring that all the technical aspects that contribute to  high ranking are in place, as well as ensuring that there are high quality inbound links or backlinks directed towards the pages of the Website. Backlinks are one of the prime ways that search engines ascertain the quality and value of a webpage and this in turn has a critical affect on the ranking of that website.

However, SEO has evolved into much more than just the application of technical factors.

While technical aspects such as keyword research are still essential for good SEO, the field of SEO has evolved and become more complex. Search engines have also changed the way they index and assess websites. One of the major changes is the emphasis on quality content and  the influence of social media  signals in determining webpage ranking. Coupled with this is the importance of the value that a website provides for its intended audience. This in turn is connected to the increasing focus on semantic. Read our article on semantic SEO for more information.

In  essence, this means that the modern SEO consultant has take account of a myriad of factors and view a website not only in terms of technical optimization but also in terms of content, marketings, social media impact as well as semantic  factors.

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